Our Slimes Effect

Each slime tells a different story! Our slimes are carefully handcrafted for everyone to enjoy the texture. The scent sense is engaged when each of our slimes has a distinct scent to it that is related to the type of slime. This enhances the aesthetic of the slime and also improves the mood! Our scents are mostly aromatherapic so it has been proven to improve performance! On the other hand, our touch sense is activated when all of our slimes are different textures this allows and stimulates different feelings when playing with it. We have crunchy, smooth, sizzly, and etc. When playing with the slime it engages your hearing because our slimes are either supposed to be super sizzly sounding, or smooth, or even just really popping! The air bubbles that are created when playing are just the perfect noise to hear! Finally, we have our sight: all of our slimes are created to look aesthetically pleasing for everyone to play and use. Our slime is created as a form of therapy for all ages especially adults. If your convinced of our slimes ability, go check out which ones you like!